Sunday, June 14, 2009


Welcome to my blog about World of Warcraft. I decided to create this blog to be able to share with you my readers thoughts about the World of Warcraft UI and particularly the creation of Addons. There won't be a whole lot of discussion of class, boss, or pvp mechanics. Though I'm sure I'll probably mention some of these things. Rather, I'm going to focus on thoughts and issues I've found while working on addons.

I've been playing World of Warcraft since just before The Burning Cursade expansion came out and over time and gotten more and more involved in working on addons. I started by fixing bugs and things that annoyed me in some of the addons that other people wrote. Eventually I ended up picking up TBag and maintaining it. Since then I've written a few smallish addons from scratch and have been a major contributor to PitBull. I've done a significant amount of the work that's gone into PitBull4, in particular I wrote the Aura module and LuaTexts (a replacement for DogTagTexts, that is now the default text provider).

In particular as I've worked on PitBull4 I've come across things about WoW that are either downright irritating, frustrating or that I wished were a little different. I've discovered techniques that help save CPU time or work around bugs in the game. I wanted a place I could share these with people, provide updates on what I'm working on and just in general have a way to publish interesting tidbits.

So here we are. Shefki's WoW Blog.


  1. Shefki it's so cool that you've started a WoW UI blog, I'll definitely read it everyday. I share some of your ideas, i.e. if I'm annoyed with someone's UI I'll edit it myself in the code to suit my taste. One such addon is MonkeyQuest which was broken after 3.0.2. I fixed a lot of issues, sent them over to the author and he was surprised I was so enterprising. Cya!

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